# Best-Ranked Schools in Granite Bay

# Best-Ranked Schools in Granite Bay

Granite Bay, CA, residents enjoy stunning lake views, breathtaking sunsets over the water, and easy access to sandy beaches. For those with littles, there is a time when finding the best-ranked schools in the Granite Bay area will be essential to providing the best education to your young ones. If you're looking for a school, whether it's their first school experience or you're new to the area, Granite Bay has numerous high-performing schools with exceptional advanced courses. Discover the school district and schools that best meet the educational requirements you’re looking for.

School districts in the Granite Bay area

The Placer County Eureka Union School District comprises five elementary and two middle schools. High schools are in the Roseville Joint Union High School District. Both public districts offer kindergarten through eighth grade, with Roseville completing the high school level and offering ungraded school levels, like preschool.

Placer County has five school districts and nine private schools to enroll in. Eureka Union School District schools have more students making exceptional academic progress, nearly 60% more, than their peers in other schools around the state — annual testing in science, English, and math average 30% higher than the state averages.

Roseville Joint Union High School District schools obtain a 75% above-average rating in quality, and 75% of the students maintain excellent school progression. The district's testing scores in science and English are above average, while math is slightly above average. Roseville offers high school students high-quality college readiness courses, and the district boasts a 90% high school graduation rate, with the average ACT score being 24.


Seven private schools are preschools that offer a personal introduction into the school environment for young children before they are eligible for kindergarten. There are no public school district preschools available. The other two schools in the Granite Bay area offer grade levels higher than preschool (Star Twelve Bridges), with only one in the area offering preschool through high school (Placer Learning Center). Of these schools, the top three preschools are:

1. West Granite Bay KinderCare off Sierra College Boulevard.
2. Olive Ranch Star Day Care off Stirling Street.
3. Eureka Star Day Care on Eureka Road.

Elementary Schools

Granite Bay boasts five outstanding elementary schools catering to children ranging from nervous five-year-olds starting their first year of public school to apprehensive sixth graders preparing to move on to the next level of education. Of these five schools, the following two have the highest rankings:

1. Ridgeview Elementary School places the highest with a 9/10 rating, above-average testing scores, high academic progression, and above-average equality ratings. Located on Twin School Road, Ridgeview offers a strong educational foundation, excellent communication with parents, and outstanding resources to assist each student's progress.

2. Greenhills Elementary School ranks second with a rating of 9/10, high testing scores, and high equality ratings. This school is on Greenhills Way and has faculty active in children's education from the principal down. The school is proud to offer student assistance from a resource specialist, reading lab teacher, psychologist, counselor, and full inclusion teachers.

Middle Schools

When children enter middle school, specifically grades seven and eight, they experience unique emotional, physical, and educational challenges. Therefore, finding a school that caters to their specific needs is crucial. Middle schools are limited in Granite Bay, but there are two options available:

1. Willma Cavitt Junior High School is on Fuller Drive and is a five-star school. While the school contains an average of 399 students, their sports team options are open and compete with other middle schools their size. Students are assessed and may take advanced science and math courses.

2. Placer Learning Center off Eureka Road is the other school in Granite Bay that offers seventh and eighth-grade level education. The private school offers core middle and high school courses alongside art, music, and performance art courses. Placer Learning Center offers all students resources to learn despite learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, autism, and behavior issues requiring an academic program with intense behavioral assistance.

High Schools

Some view high school as the end of mandated learning, while others see their high school years as a way to showcase their talents and prepare for the next level of education. All students in Placer County attending ninth through twelfth grade are eligible to earn their way into dual enrollment courses and gain higher education credits for their work in high school. These are the two main high schools in Granite Bay:

1. Granite Bay High School is on Grizzly Way and has a 10/10 rating for exceptional academic progression, high test scores, high college readiness rates, and high equality ratings. Advanced courses are available in math, science, and other subjects. Granite Bay High School also offers video and film courses, ceramics, the International Baccalaureate Program, honors courses, four musical courses, dance and drama, STEM classes, and more.

2. Placer Learning Center private school is the other option for high school courses inside the Granite Bay area. This private school offers high school-level courses that include experiences like independent learning, connections between lessons and real-world applications, and transitional courses to prepare for entry into public educational systems. Students graduating from the Placer Learning Center obtain unique guidance for entering the workforce, continuing education, and much more.

3. Finding the best solution for your young mind’s education is a top priority, especially if you are new to Granite Bay. Knowing the best-ranked schools in the district assists with determining which school is best for your child's academic, emotional, and extracurricular goals. The school districts in Placer County have set high achievement goals for their students and are succeeding.

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